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Health. Fitness. Nutrition. Motivation. Advice. Support. 19 years old, 5"11, female, 145 lbs, trying to get rid of those last 10 lbs. Already lost 31 lbs, yay !


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Okay, this is so true. I always start over again and again. I WILL keep going from now on. I have to be strong!

Okay, this is so true. I always start over again and again. I WILL keep going from now on. I have to be strong!

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You know whats annoying? When people look at you funny for choosing to be healthy. When you go to Subway and get whole wheat bread with no sauce, no cheese, no meat, and just veggies people give you weird looks. When you go to school and order the healthiest thing on the menu and you can see your classmates eyeing you. When you decide to workout every morning before class and get annoyed looks or when everyone around you is enjoying pizza, pop, and wings and you decide to enjoy your water, whole wheat toast, and baked chicken and everyone somehow comes up with this whild idea that youre anorexic.. or when people tease you for choosing to be vegan or a vegetarian. or when youre at a party and decide not to chug beer and get wasted so you drink nice clean water and people just think youre an annoying party pooper. Im sorry, since when was being healthy a crime? i dont look at you funny for buying 1000 calorie meal at mcdonalds. I dont judge you for wanting to sit on your ass and eat a liter of ice cream. I dont get annoyed when you go to buffets every weekend. so.. here goes to all the people out there who have to put up with weird looks for making healthier choices.


Yes, yes, yes!!!

I so know that feeling!

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